Eva Zizkova

Eva Zizkova

Eva Zizkova

I live in Prague, Czech Republic.

I learned backgammon (only rules :-)) about 15 years ago.

I was on my first international tournament in Velden (Marco's tournament) in 2010 and then also the next 3 years.

I started to participate in more tournaments during the year only about the last 3-4 years.

I attend regularly the biggest and the best tournament in the world - Merit tournament in Cyprus (I won Intermediate category in 2017).

Another tournaments: 3x in Germany Open Championship (2017 - won Consultation Doubles with Honza Cerny, 3rd place in SpeedGammon, 2019 - I won Last Chance in Master Division) 2x in Nordic Open (Semifinalist in Advanced Division in 2016), Merit Open Dubrovnik (3rd/4th place in Master Division and winner Ladies in 2017),

Merit Open MonteNegro (semifinalist in SpeedGammon) Northern Cyprus Artemis BG Open (5th place in Championship Division in 2018), CNB - Jesolo Tournament (finalist in Championship Division in 2019), Gibraltar, Monte Carlo and many other smaller tournaments...

In 2020 I am going al least to Gibraltar Open, Nordic, maybe Merit MonteNegro, Jesolo, German Masters and of course to Merit Cyprus in November.

Because of practice I play a lot online tournaments on WBIF.net, on ebif-deutschland.de, on USBGF.org and on GammonSpace.