In the Game Until the End: Winning in Ace-point Endgames Vol 1

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You’ve played an ace-point game; your opponent is down to his last few checkers. Should you run? Should you stay? If your opponent wants to settle, what’s your game worth? How aggressively should you try to pick up a second checker? If you don’t know the answers to these and other ace-point game questions, you’ll want this book. In Chapter 4, for instance, you’ll discover the secrets of the famous “Tino Road Position”, an endgame so complicated that you can, once you know how, play the position from either side and win! Olympiad Champion Bob Wachtel has thoroughly analyzed hundreds of ace-point game positions to generate a complete picture of what's really happening in these common situations. Level: Advanced Info: 110 pages, softbound


Author: Robert Wachtel

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