About Us

About Us

About Us

Mindskillz LLC

Mindskillz LLC, is an approved event company by Dubai Sports Council to organize events and tournaments in the UAE.

Mindskillz has 5 entities. Each kind would have leagues and tournaments of its own, and would be held at different venues each game.

  • Backgammon
  • Nackgammon
  • Jailgammon
  • Chess League
  • Cards League


Patrick Gebeili

Founder of the company General Manager of Mindskillz LLC

General Secretary for CBFE (Club Backgammon des francais a l’étranger ) under the management of The FFBG (French Federation for backgammon)

About Backgammon

The antiquity is traced more than 5,000 years ago. It is a two player game where each player has 15 checkers that move between 24 triangles according to the roll of dice.

The objective is for the players to do the bearing-off of all the checkers from their home-board before their opponent. It is indeed a battle of fearless minds because the game is a combination of courage, strategy, and luck.

About Backgammon

Our Vision

Backgammon has been going on for hundred of decades, it is well-known in different continents and for the record, every year there are thousand leagues of players around the world mainly participating in many local and world championship seasons and divergent tournaments.

Mindskillz llc is the first approved event company by Dubai Sports Council representing the worldwide backgammon federation (wbf) as an exclusive agent to organize a series of competitions in the UAE.

Our vision is to invite backgammon enthusiast players from different social clubs to participate in our weekly tournaments in different locations with our business partners and affiliates such as local bars, restaurants, coffee shops and hotels.

Hence, every player is entitled for premium value by becoming a backgammonner.

By stating such, each player is required to get a membership to enjoy the benefits.

Our Mission

Our mission to CREATE A HISTORY in backgammon
society world league championship to be held in
enormous interesting location which is in Dubai. Wherein
there will be hundred of participants from different part of
the world representing diverse clubs and association. In
addition for that, we are expecting also partakers in
different territories in uae (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain,
Fujaira, Umm Al Quwain and Rak)

BACKGAMMON LEAGUE ME is a new concept and first
time event in uae where everyone can showcase their
brain skills, talents, and enhance aggressive strategy from
each player of the game.

MINDSKILLZ LLC is beyond pleasure to announce that we
will be organizing this event through united arab emirates
territories with a potential in the coming future to develop
a bigger network in GCC.

-84 days (weekly tournaments)
-42 saturdays mainly backgammon league
-42 wednesday from our entities such as chess, cards,
jailgammon, dominoes,
-First tournament will commence on March 2020 venue to
be confirmed.
stay tuned for the date of the upcoming First Dubai World Championship